Construction Timber
suitable for any project

Easi Edge

Easier to handle quality machined, kiln dried C16 graded carcassing timber which produces a neater faster finish

Because it’s smooth and we’ve eased the edges this timber is easier to work with. Its been machined so all its dimensions are regular and true, making for a quicker better fit. The finished job looks neater and you can paint, stain or preserve it easier too.

easi-edge™ is available in green and brown high pressure preservative finish. For timber framing and roof trusses we now offer a low pressure preservative treated alternative.

easi-edge™ is available in standard sections and lengths, click here to download our specification pdf.

Easi Timber

General purpose unseasoned and ungraded quality timber.

Formwork/Shuttering Sections
These sections are used in the fabrication of either temporary or permanent moulds into which concrete or similar materials are poured. They form the frame which holds the shuttering plywood.

Unseasoned Timber
For applications in construction where an unseasoned (not kiln dried) and ungraded product may be acceptable or beneficial.

Sawn Battens
Quality, treated, sawn battens construction timbers. Also available with built-in preservative protection.

Purlins are the horizontal structural members used in roof construction, they support the loads from the roof deck or sheathing and are supported by the principal rafters and/or the building walls. The use of purlins, as opposed to closely spaced rafters, is common in pre-engineered metal building systems, some timber frame constructions and in agricultural buildings.

Easi Stud

Quality kiln dried CLS timber graded to C16 and machined to uniform dimensions to allow faster and easier construction

Studwork gets done quicker, easier and more cost effectively with easi-stud™. We’ve eased its edges and given it a smooth finish to make it easier to work with. All our timber for carcassing applications has dimensions that are regular and accurate for tighter, stronger construction. Paint, varnish and stains apply easier to easi-stud™and the finished job should always look tidier. High pressure preservative treatment is standard although low pressure treatment is available on request and is subject to availability.

easi-stud™ is available in standard sections and lengths, click here to download our specification pdf.

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