Versatile, quality timber sleepers

Easi Sleepers

Easi-sleepers are a versatile option for garden projects including retaining walls and raised beds.

We are suppliers of timber sleepers, our easi-sleeper™ range of railway sleepers have endless garden or leisure applications. Our landscaping sleepers can be used as boundaries, edgings and planters as well as distinctive raised beds and borders, decks, terraces and walkways.

If you want to create a raised bed then make use of our free resources to help you get the most out of our railway sleeper range; create a raised bed or watch our video on youtube.

Timber Sleepers with a Warranty

As high quality suppliers of railway sleepers, our easi-sleeper™ range is pressure preservative treated in either a brown or green finish which protects them from rot and decay. All our sleepers come with the easi15 warranty. This means that we guarantee the service life is a minimum of 15 years. You can read more about the treatment process and our guarantee here.

easi-deck™ is available in various sizes, please refer to the table for a full list of sizes available :

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